Monday, June 28, 2010

Nagpur > Adasa > Jamsavli > Pandurna > Nagpur

Every Nagpurian was keenly waiting for rainy season. Now after few showers my adventure instinct is switched ON. Last weekend, on cloudy day, I enjoyed my first outing with friends & family. :-)

Me, my father & colleagues Amit Yerne & Avinash Patil started journey to Pandhurna, a district place in Madhya Pradesh. My dad decided to go through some holy places like Adasa & Jamsavli before reaching to Pandhurna. I was excited for my first seasonal trip for this year. :-) My friend Avinash was equally excited to take many snaps with recently purchased SLR camera.

We reached Adasa and take darshan (worship) of Lord Ganesha. Ganesha from Adasa is identified as one of Ashtavinayaka of Vidharbha region. The temple is located on hill and has good surrounding and landscapes.

We move on to Jamsavli. Jamsavli is famous for Lord Hanuman temple. It is situated in Madhya Pradesh border area. After worship, we move on to the place near to Jamsavli where we enjoyed view of beautiful waterfall.

Shortly we reached to Pandhura. After taking heavy lunch we returned to Nagpur though same route.


  1. can you post some more information / photos about Jamsavli Hanuman Mandir?

  2. Can u please tell how to reach adasa from nagpur?? that is, which route to take?? thnku.

  3. Really its too good & enjoyable. We have enjoyd real nature beauty there.

  4. Beautiful work dear amazing Adventure place in Maharashtra a Big Thanks!