Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wanderlust Ride @ Waki Woods

Waki woods.. a well-known place near Nagpur for hangout. If you want to see white sand beach near Nagpur city, this is the best place. Yes, I am not joking. Wanderlust, my bullet club, decided to have a ride at this place.
How to reach Waki woods? Very simple!! Every nagpurian know koradi.. that’s it .. You can follow Koradi road. As displayed in map, you can bypass the Koradi and need to reach Patansavangi. Then you need to take right turn. If you got confused then you can take help from local people to locate this place.

~ Anu Paji (Our leader) and Inder (Co-moderator of club) ready for ride.

We reached on destination without any problem. Though railway crossing took little bit of time. As usual, I was very excited. We follow small raw roads instead of tar roads. Off-roading.. you know. We were enjoying twisty & bumpy ride. From the bushes, trees, we were finding the way to reach the decided location i.e. beach.

Before reaching on destination, my bullet made a weird sound and stopped. I looked down at rear tyre to check what exactly happened. Ohh no.. Chain of my bullet slipped. :( Inder & Anup tried to fix the problem but no success. We left the bullet there and proceed. When we reached on the destination, Inder, Anup & Sandeep did burnout. I was really cool.

We relaxed on the beach. Guys had sip of bear. :p I was hungry, so I had light snacks. Neeraj was as usual busy in taking snaps. Anu paji also accompanied him. I also captured few moments. We enjoyed and played in river water.

~ Wanderlust everywhere ..

~ As evening @ Waki woods !!

In evening, we again tried to fix the problem of my bike but we couldn’t. So I left the bike at my friend’s farm house and came back to Nagpur.


  1. ch**ya samjh rakha hai kya gandu..

  2. tere baap ki jaagir samajh rakha he kya... bhosdike...madar chod.......

    by : dear gautam

  3. gautam bhadva....
    teri problem kya he be laude.....
    gand phadke rakhdunga.!!!! :):P